Copier Trader provides the following warranties for our certified refurbished photocopiers:

  • A 1 Year Warranty is supplied if a Service Level Agreement is not taken out.
  • Up to a 5 Year Warranty is supplied if a Service Level Agreement is taken out.

Please note, warranties are only provided for our certified refurbished photocopiers if the printer remains in South Africa after the purchase is made. Please refer to our Warranty Terms & Conditions below.

For photocopiers transported to other locations in Sub-Saharan Africa, please contact us for more information about the warranties we provide.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. Only applicable to refurbished products;
  2. Faulty items that cannot be repaired, will be swopped out provided it’s within the warranty period;
  3. The following are excluded from warranty claims:
    • Any physical damage to or mishandling of the item;
    • Any burn marks on the item;
    • Lightning damage, or damage due to power surge;
    • Missing / damaged serial numbers and / or other original labels;
    • Any markings, writings on and / or tampering with an item;
    • These units require regular servicing, any problems/issues that occur due to worn parts, spares or lack of ongoing service falls outside of the warranty.

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